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Upper Sandusky Reservoir #2

Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351
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Wyandot County

Upper Sandusky Reservoir #2
Coordinates: 40.8203049, -83.2538366
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Photos by Vic Fazio

About Upper Sandusky Reservoir #2
Upper Sandusky Reservoir 2 is located in central Wyandot County on the southeastern edge of the city of Upper Sandusky. The main entrance is off of Country Road 60B and the boat ramp and main parking area are located on the southern side of the reservoir.
From Upper Sandusky Reservoir #2 webpage

About Upper Sandusky Reservoirs
Upper Sandusky Reservoir 1 is an impoundment that was built in 1957 in order to provide water to the city of Upper Sandusky. Water is obtained primarily by pumping from the Sandusky River, which is located east of the reservoir.Upper Sandusky 2 is an upground reservoir; water is obtained by pumping from the Sandusky River, which is located about one mile west of the reservoir. The reservoir, designed to provide water to the city of Upper Sandusky, was completed and filled in 2002.Upper Sandusky Reservoirs are on the tributary to Sandusky River in Wyandot County, Ohio. Construction was completed in 1957. It has a normal surface area of 38 acres. It is owned by the City Of Upper Sandusky.

Upper Sandusky Reservoir Dam is of earthen construction. Its height is 31 feet with a length of 1600 feet. Maximum discharge is 1650 cubic feet per second. Its capacity is 850-acre-feet. Normal storage is 455-acre-feet. It drains an area of 1.51 square miles.
From Upper Sandusky Reservoirs (FindLakes) webpage

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