What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 3735 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Lake County
Eastlake Garden Park
Thanks to Cory Chiappone for suggesting this hotspot and for proving photos and tips for birding.

Hardin County and Wyandot County
Andreoff Wildlife Area
Andreoff Wildlife Area–Jackson Township Road 50
Andreoff Wildlife Area (Wyandot County)
The Andreoff Wildlife Area is a newly acquired Ohio state wildlife area, including the area formerly known as the Harden County Wetlands. Most of the wildlife area is in Hardin County and we have renamed the hotspot on Jackson Township Road 50 with the new name. There is a small section of the wildlife area in Wyandot County where there is a new hotspot. Andreoff Wildlife Area may be entered by permit only. Please view birds from the roadside only and do not enter the wetland.
Thanks to Bob Sams for suggesting the new hotspot and for providing photos and tips for birding.


Tuscarawas County
Mosquito Lake–Lakeview Recreation Area
Mosquito Lake–OH-305 Boat Launch

Most of the recreation areas around Mosquito Creek Lake are managed as part of the Mosquito Lake State Park. The two hotspots above, however, are managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. We have adjusted the name of these hotspots and added information about the other hotspots on the lake managed by the Corps of Engineers. Thanks to Ethan Kistler for providing information about these sites.

This week the new Birding in Ohio page design has been applied to hotspots in several counties.