What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 3733 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

Some changes you may notice

eBird County Overview

On each county page, we have removed the eBird overview summary and display of recent bird sightings from the bottom of the page. Over half of those who visit this website do so via a smartphone and that display was causing an error in displaying county pages. You can easily get to this overview with a single click at the top of each county page. We will continue to look for a way to display similar information on county pages in the future.

Ohio Birding Day Hikes

If you have searched for one of the Ohio Birding Day Hikes via Google or another search tool, you may have encountered a “404 file not found” message. When I created the day hikes, I made a copy of the page about the hotspot and added the information about the hike at the top of the new page. In transferring pages to the new format, I decided that it would be better to have this information on the main page for hotspots with a day hike. None have been deleted. The location of some have been changed and it will take search engines a bit of time to find the new locations. You can use the link above to get the list of day hikes.


Jackson County
Jackson Lake State Park
Previously named Jackson Lake (Jackson Co.), we added “State Park” to the hotspot name. This lake is entirely within the state park and this designation distinguishes the hotspot from another, smaller Jackson Lake which is located in Pike County. There is no state park on the lake in Pike County.

This week the new Birding in Ohio page design has been applied to hotspots in several counties.