New eBird Hotspots

Franklin County
Casto Park

eBird Hotspot Name Changes

Union County
Marysville Upground Reservoir
This is the only hotspot for this reservoir. The name had been Marysville Reservoir–Raymond Rd., which implies it is a sub-location. The entrance to the reservoir is on Raymond Road, and the hotspot may be used for checklists of birds seen on or around the reservoir.

New Stakeout Hotspot

Richland County
stakeout Northern Wheatear, Shiloh (2018)
The last reported sighting of the Northern Wheatear was October 23.
If you have submitted a sighting of this bird to eBird at a personal location, please consider changing the location of your checklist to this stakeout hotspot.

For more information about reporting rare bird sightings:
Reporting Rare Bird Sightings