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Gunlock Park
Photo by Michael Schramm

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This tip shows how to get driving directions from Google maps to any hotspot. Works with both desktop computers and smartphones.

New eBird Hotspots

Washington County

Gunlock Park
Thanks to Michael Schramm for suggesting this hotspot on the Ohio River and for providing a photo and tips for birding.


Lorain Impoundment map

Lorain County

Lorain Impoundment Lakeside Landing
Added a map of the trail around the impoundment.

Medina County

Killbuck Lakes Park–West
Added a map of the 2 trails at this park.

Ottawa County

Magee Marsh–Entrance Road
The stakeout hotspot for the Limpkin has been promoted to a regular hotspot at Magee Marsh Wildlife Area. This hotspot stretches along the entrance road from the Black Swamp Bird Observatory to the Magee Marsh Bird Center. Please use caution when driving this section of the road, as birders often walk along the road here or stop to observe birds from their vehicle. Please do not park along the entrance road. If you wish to walk the road, it is safest to park in the Black Swamp Bird Observatory parking lot and walk from there. A Limpkin was observed in 2019 at a pond along this section of the entrance road.

Photo by Tom Fishburn

Portage County

Herrick Fen
Kent Bog State Nature Preserve
Triangle Lake Bog State Nature Preserve
Thanks to Tom Fishburn for adding photos of these nature preserves.