What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 3751 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

sTips for Birding in Ohio

Looking for a good bird watching location where you can walk or hike?
Ohio Birding Day Hikes are designed to help birders discover places to walk and see bird life. Often when we visit a park for the first time it is a challenge to know where to start. These hikes, recommended by birders and hikers in Ohio, are a way to begin to explore new territory.

It is sometimes said that “birding is one of the slowest forms of transportation.” Even walking a short distance while observing birds can take lots of time. There are some short hikes in this collection, but many are 2 miles or longer. Often there are options of trails to take or suggestions of ways to shorten or lengthen a hike.

Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve, Lucas County

New eBird Hotspots

Pickaway County Airport
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Geauga County
Middlefield Retention Ponds
Thanks to Ami Horowitz for suggesting this hotspot.

Pickaway County
Pickaway County Airport
Pickaway County Airport is a birding location described by the Ohio Ornithological Society but for which a hotspot had not been established. If you have submitted checklists at this location, please merge them into this newly established hotspot.


Sandusky County
Bonham Road
Riddle Road
Removed the county name modifier (Sandusky Co.) from these hotspots. Each road is within the county and the road name changes at the county line.

Riddle Road, Sandusky County