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New eBird Hotspots

Holmes County

Killbuck Township Road 92
Thanks to Elias Raber for suggesting this hotspot and for providing tips for birding. The hotspot is adjacent to and crosses the Holmes County Trail.

Trumbull County

Mosquito Lake State Park–Beach
Thanks to Bob Patetta for suggesting this additional hotspot as Mosquito Lake State Park.


Coshocton County

Shelly Gravel Pits
Thanks to Elias Raber for adding tips for birding this location.

Pickaway County

Deer Creek Wildlife Area–Dick Road Wetland
Thanks to Randall Searles for providing additional information and tips for birding this wetland in Pickaway County. The parking for this wetland is on Dick Road and the name of the wetland is changed to reflect this. Previously hotspot was named “Deer Creek SP–Egypt Pike Wetland.” The wetlands south of Dick Road are all within the Wildlife Area, not in the State Park, and the name was adjusted accordingly.

If you visit this area, there are two additional eBird hotspots in the wetlands south of Dick Road:
Deer Creek Wildlife Area–Middle Wetland
Deer Creek Wildlife Area–East Street Wetland

Robert Royce has an excellent blog page with lots of helpful information about birding Deer Creek Wildlife Area and Deer Creek State Park. He describes the three wetland areas and excerpts are included on the appropriate pages above.

Delaware County and Franklin County

Hoover Reservoir–Area D
Thanks to Carl Winstead for suggesting that we adjust the name of this hotspot in Delaware County to match the area designation used at the sign on this fishing access. This was previously named Hoover Reservoir–Fishing Access North of Co. Line Rd. The name was ambiguous because there are several fishing access points north of the this road and the name of the road changes to Smothers Road as It crosses the reservoir.

Also added updated maps and links to all the Hoover Reservoir hotspot pages in Delaware and Franklin counties. The maps now show the labels for the lettered areas around the reservoir.

Updated several of the Alum Creek State Park hotspot pages in Delaware County with tips for birding from the Ohio Ornithological Society.

Updates on two “Focus on . . .” posts

Focus on Birding near a County Line
Focus on Birding near a State Line

eBird has recently moved to a new set of help documents and links to older help topics are no longer available. I have inserted the text about birding near a county or state line into these posts.