New eBird Hotspots

Franklin County
Hilliard Green Park

Noble County
Hiramsburg Cemetery

Pickaway County
Elmon Richards Scioto River Fishing Access

Stark County
Sippo Lake–Marina and Fishing Pier

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Focus on Birding near a State Line
Ohio is bordered by Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana. There are a number of Ohio eBird hotspots located near a state line. It is helpful to know where the state line is located so that the birds will be assigned to the proper state.
This is a list of locations in Ohio where the state line passes near an eBird hotspot.
eBird has a help article on eBirding along County, State, and Country borders with suggestions of how to handle your checklists when you are watching birds near a border.

Changes or updates

Cuyahoga County
Brecksville Town Square
Added tips and a map about observing Turkey and Black Vultures in the area of the Town Square.