What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 3782 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

From Western Reserve Land Conservancy
Thanks to the staff at Western Reserve Land Conservancy for suggesting we add eBird hotspots at these properties which have recently been opened to the public through the work of the Land Conservancy.

Columbiana County

Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail–Salem Greenway Preserve Trailhead
Western Reserve Land Conservancy helped to conserve a 30-acre property on either side of the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail called Salem Greenway Preserve.

Erie County

Kelleys Island–Ed Curilla Preserve
Located on Huntington Lane on Kelleys Island, the trails at Ed Curilla Preserve provide access throughout the property’s forests, wetlands, and globally unique alvar habitat, which supports rare plant species. These habitats provide important resources for migrating birds, reptiles, amphibians, dragonflies, damselflies, and other wildlife.

Kelleys Island–Huntley-Beatty Preserve
Within walking distance of Kelleys Island’s downtown, the Huntley-Beatty Quarry provides visitors with opportunities to hike and explore the unique ecological and geological features of the island.

Geauga County

Auburn Community Park
Auburn Community Park is a project of Auburn Township in cooperation with Western Reserve Land Conservancy. It is located on Munn Road in Auburn Township southeast of Chagrin Falls.

Centerville Mills Park
Centerville Mills Park is located on Crackle Road in Bainbridge Township. The hiking trails give park visitors the opportunity to see and to hike through upland and bottomland forests, through high-quality wetlands areas, and along Spring Creek.

Fowlers Mill Cemetery
Fowlers Mill Cemetery is bordered on the east by the old interurban railroad and the Chagrin River. It is connected to the larger Munson Township Scenic River Retreat.

Scenic River Retreat
The Scenic River Retreat is on Mayfield Road near Chardon overlooking Fowlers Mill.

Geauga County (continued)

Nero Nature Preserve
Visitors can explore almost 2 miles of gorgeous nature trails that extend through old farm field and beech-maple forest, across streamed ravines that overlook a floodplain habitat extending along a tributary of the Chagrin River and past high-quality wetlands.

Lorain County

Oberlin Preserve
In August 2020, Western Reserve Land Conservancy, with funding and cooperation from conservation partners, announced the opening of the historic Oberlin Preserve. The preserve features a restored prairie, wet woodland, and was once a stop on the Underground Railroad. Oberlin Preserve–Prairie and Oberlin Preserve–South Woods are both within the newly opened preserve and the word “Preserve” has been added to the names of these hotspots.

Ottawa County

Lucien Clemons Park
The picturesque Lucien M. Clemons Park has frontage along Lake Erie and includes both green open space and submerged land available for visitors to enjoy.

Portage County

Bretschneider Park
Bretschneider Park is a cooperative project of the City of Aurora and  Western Reserve Land Conservancy. It is located on East Pioneer Trail adjacent to the Aurora Audubon Sanctuary.

Forest Lake Wildlife Preserve
Western Reserve Land Conservancy helped add 10.5 acres of wet forest habitat to the City of Kent’s beautiful Forest Lake Wildlife Preserve.

Summit County

Eastwood Preserve
The Eastwood Preserve is a 28 acre parcel of land located in the heart of Richfield and has hiking trails through forests and open fields full of pollinators and wildflowers.

Haleys Run Trail
Haley’s Run showcases our urban conservation work through the 4 acre addition to the South Akron Greenway. Conservation partners restored a PCB-laden ditch into a greenway with a free-flowing stream lined with native trees, shrubs, and grasses. Visitors can enjoy a walk or run along the trail that winds through the greenway.

Additional New eBird Hotspots

Fayette County
Jeffersonville Park
Thanks To Jeffrey Roth for suggesting this hotspot along Sugar Creek in Jeffersonville.

Portage County
West Branch State Park–East Boat Ramp, Gilbert Road
Thanks to Ethan Kistler for suggesting this additional hotspot at West Branch State Park.

Richland County
stakeout Rufous Hummingbird, 2741 Huntsman Rd., Bellville (2016, 2020)
If you have submitted a checklist with this bird, please change your location to the stakeout hotspot.

Trumbull County
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–Penniman Road
Thanks to Ethan Kistler for suggesting this additional hotspot in the Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area.