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Delaware County
Havener Park

Franklin County
Big Walnut Trail–Granville Road to Galloway Preserve
Big Walnut Trail–Olde Ridenour Road

Noble County
Seneca Lake Park

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New “Focus on” blog
Check out the new “Focus on” blog which will highlight birding destinations in Ohio, those that are popular and some that are “lightly birded” but would benefit from more eBird checklists.

Focus on Magee Marsh
Magee Marsh Wildlife Area attracts birders from all over the world. There are a number of hotspots set up in eBird to receive your bird checklists when you visit, including the world famous Magee Marsh Boardwalk.

Focus on Birding near a County Line
In Ohio, there are a surprising number of parks, wildlife areas, trails, and a National Park which are located on a county line. This is a list of locations in Ohio where the county line passes through the area.

Suggestions of locations to be featured are welcome. Perhaps you would like to write a description of a location you recently visited which you think other birders might enjoy.

Recently added: County Rare Bird Alert links
A link to the eBird Rare Bird Alert is added to each county page. The eBird Rare Bird Alert is a list of all the rare birds reported during the last week in your county. This is a much shorter list than for the whole state of Ohio. Some counties will have no rare bird sightings in a given week.

For example, the Rare Bird Alert for Cuyahoga County appears in this way:
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