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Focus on Magee Marsh
Magee Marsh attracts birders from all over the world at this time of year. Check the Focus on . . . blog for all the information about birding there.

New eBird Hotspots

Butler County

Miami University–Helen S. Ruder Preserve
Thanks to Charlie Saunders for suggesting this additional hotspot at Miami University.

Columbiana County

Grimms Bridge
Thanks to Peter Wilson for suggesting this hotspot in the Little Beaver Creek Important Bird Area.

Washington County

Wayne National Forest–Newell Run Mouth
Because we added a hotspot below for Newell Run Road, we added “Mouth” to the name of this hotspot.
Wayne National Forest–Newell Run Road
Wayne National Forest–Number Nine Road
Wayne National Forest–Peggs Fork Run
Thanks to Michael Schramm for suggesting these new hotspots in the Wayne National Forest-Marietta Important Bird Area.

Wills Creek Lake

Wills Creek Lake lies along the Muskingum-Coshcoton county line. We have added hotspots and adjusted names of others in this area to help birders know where they are birding in relation to the county line.

Muskingum County

Most of the lake is in Muskingum County. The hotspot on the lake has the county name added to help birders know that when they submit checklists to the hotspot the birds are assigned to Muskingum County. A new hotspot has been added at the boat launch on OH-83.
Wills Creek Lake (Muskingum County)
Wills Creek Lake–Boat Launch

Coshocton County

The dam near the mouth of Wills Creek is in Coshocton County and a small section of the lake south of the dam is in the county. We have added a hotspot for the dam. Please report birds seen on the lake near the dam at this hotspot.
There are also two hotspots on nearby county or township roads. Township High 145 Pond was formerly named Wills Creek Pond. The new name better informs birders where the pond is located. There is a new hotspot on County Road 7 at a similar pond. Thanks to Nathan Mast for suggesting this hotspot and for providing tips for birding there.
Wills Creek Lake–Dam
Conesville Coal Lands–Coshocton County Road 7 Pond
Linton Township Road 145 Pond


Lynx Prairie Trailhead
Photo by Ken Ostermiller

Adams County

Edge of Appalachia Preserve
The Edge of Appalachia hotspot pages have all been updated with new maps and photos.
Edge of Appalachia Preserve–Abner Hollow Road
Edge of Appalachia Preserve–Buzzardroost Rock
Edge of Appalachia Preserve–Lynx Prairie
The Lynx Prairie parking and trailhead has been moved to Cline Road. We have moved the hotspot and associated checklists to this new location.
Edge of Appalachia Preserve–Wilderness Trail

Whipple State Nature Preserve
A map and photos have been added to the Whipple State Nature Preserve page.

Delaware County

Hoover Scenic Trail, Plumb Road to Wiese Road
Two hotspots have been combined. Thanks to Rob Thorn for suggesting that we merge Hoover Scenic Trail and Hoover Nature Preserve–Wiese Rd. together using the name above. The Scenic Trail follows the route of the old Wiese Road and Rob pointed out that birders have been using the “Wiese Rd.” location for the whole trail for some time. I kept the road name in the hotspot to help birders who have been using it to recognize that it is the appropriate hotspot.

Medina County

Westfield Center Village Park
Added a photo to the page.