About Ohio website links

You may have noticed than the state of Ohio is in the process of updating websites. All of the links to information about state parks, wildlife areas, state nature preserves, boat ramps, and more currently go to a temporary website. The new websites are in development but will not be ready until summer. Once the new websites are ready, it will take some time to update the links. In the meantime, I ask for your patience.
Ken Ostermiller

There are 3664 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Clark County

Buck Creek Trail–Pumphouse Road Access
Parking for the Pumphouse Access is available at Old Reid Park.

Cuayhoga County

Brecksville Reservation–Buckeye Trail, Ottawa Point Picnic Area to Snowville Road
The Buckeye Trail traverses 16 miles through the Brecksville Reservation. There are trailheads which provide access to the Buckeye Trail in the southern section of the Brecksville Reservation at the Ottawa Point Picnic Area, on Riverview Road, and on Snowville Road. Thanks to Fred Losi for suggesting this hotspot.

Cleveland Cultural Gardens
Thanks to Alex Burke for suggesting this hotspot which is in the Dike 14-Doan Brook Important Bird Area.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park–Frazee House Towpath Trail
There is access to the Towpath Trail from Frazee House. Thanks to Fred Losi for suggesting this hotspot.

Hamilton County

LaBoiteaux Woods Preserve
LaBoiteaux Woods is a mix of woodland and greenspace on the west side of Cincinnati. Thanks to Aaron Hobson for suggesting this hotspot.

Hancock County

Oakwoods Nature Preserve–East Wetlands
Thanks to Bob Sams for suggesting this hotspot and for providing a photo.

Madison County

Prairie Grass Trail–London Trailhead
Starting at the Prairie Grass Trailhead, located behind the Madison County Senior Center, 280 West High Street, London, the Prairie Grass Trail runs southwest for approximately 10 miles where it reaches South Charleston.

Greene County

Byron Road
Byron Road traverses privately owned properties. Please view birds from the roadside only. Thanks to Lee Funderburg for suggesting this hotspot.


Tuscarawas County

Schoenbrunn Village
Thanks to Dan Kramer for providing photos.