What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 3994 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

Tips for Birding in Ohio

Are you planning a trip to a part of Ohio that is new to you?
Want information on where to go birding in a county you have never visited before?

Ohio Birding Drives are routes for birding trips that can be accomplished in one day, stopping to walk and bird at various eBird hotspots. For each Birding Drive, a Google map is provided with the route and suggested stops at eBird hotspots. You may save the link to the Google map on your smartphone or tablet, or print a copy on paper to take with you. Links are provided for each eBird hotspot. Follow those links for information about birding each location.

There is at least one birding drive in each Ohio county and, in many counties, there is more than one.

Visit Ohio Birding Drives for a list of all the birding drives in each county.

New eBird Hotspots

Ashtabula County
Big Oak Nature Park
Thanks to Paul Sherwood for suggesting this hotspot.

Delaware County
Alum Creek State Park–Kilbourne Boat Launch
Thanks to Rob Thorn for suggesting this hotspot and for providing tips for birding.

Hamilton County
Delhi Park
Thanks to Michael Minium for suggesting this hotspot.

Medina County
Maple Lakes Campground (register at office)
Thanks to Nancy O’Bryan for suggesting this hotspot and for providing tips for birding. Birders are welcome. There is a day use fee.


Geauga County
Pekin Road Marsh
Thanks to Mark Shaver via the Geauga County Wildlife Facebook page for updated information on viewing birds at this marsh. Property owners have graciously allowed birders to view the wildlife in the marsh. There is a safe pull off area off the berm of the east bound lane close to Auburn Road. Please obey traffic laws. Do not pull off road facing traffic. Also it is not recommended to pull off any side of Auburn Road near the marsh. This is an unsafe area to do so. There is limited visibility for you and oncoming traffic on Auburn.

Vinton County
Zaleski State Forest–Moonville Tunnel
Added tips for birding. Athens area birders maintain the Moonville Tunnel Prothonotary Trail along the Moonville Tunnel Trail. The purpose of the Prothonotary Trail is to provide nesting boxes along the Moonville Trail in the excellent nesting habitat close to Raccoon Creek for this warbler species who will use nest boxes if provided.