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Google Map on almost every page

For tips on how to use Google Maps on this website check the latest blog page from About this Website:
About Google Maps on this website
There is now a Google Map embedded on almost every hotspot page. To save time in transferring this website to WordPress, I decided to put just one map on each page. I used an image of a map about the location, if available, or a Google Map. I have discovered that the Google Map has some features that are very handy, such as opening the map in a new tab or window and then getting driving directions to a location from the Google Map website or app. I have completed the process of adding a Google Map to all the pages.

Focus on . . .

Focus on Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Suggestions about how to get started with bird watching at Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Photo by Marc Hannerman

New eBird Hotspots

Ashtabula County

Pymatuning State Park–Main Beach and Boat Launch
Thanks to Marc Hannerman for suggesting this additional hotspot at Pymatuning State Park and for providing photos of the main beach and the adjacent small boat launch.

Columbiana County

Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail–Washingtonville Trailhead
Thanks to Barbara James for suggesting this additional hotspot on the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail and in the Little Beaver Creek Important Bird Area

Lorain County

French Creek Reservation–Burrell Homestead
Thanks to Ben Meredyk for suggesting this additional hotspot at the French Creek Reservation

Ohio State University
Mansfield Campus

Richland County

Ohio State University Mansfield Campus–Bromfield Trail
Thanks to Gary Cowell for suggesting a hotspot for this walking path on the Ohio State University at Mansfield campus.

Stark County

Berlin Lake–German Church Road Boat Launch and Mudflats
Thanks to Jon Cefus for suggesting this additional hotspot in the Berlin Lakes System Important Bird Area

Williams County

Nettle Lake Sewage Ponds
Thanks to Zachary Frieben for suggesting this hotspot near Lake La Su An Wildlife Area


Photo by Craig DeCrane

Lucas County

Foxglove Meadow Park
Thanks to Craig DeCrane for adding photos and writing a description of birding at this park.

Summit County

Richfield Heritage Preserve
Thanks to Ken Andrews for adding a section about the spring migration season to the Guide to the Richfield Heritage Preserve