What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 3905 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Greene County
Bath Township Park
Thanks to Ryan Taylor for suggesting this hotspot.

Hamilton County
Winton Woods–Boathouse
Winton Woods–Campground
Winton Woods–Elm Ridge Overlook
Winton Woods–Fitness Trail
Winton Woods–Golf Course
Winton Woods–Great Oaks Trail
Winton Woods–Harper Meadows
Winton Woods–Kingfisher Trail
Winton Woods–Locust Dell and Spring Beauty Dell
Winton Woods–Meadow Links and Golf Academy
Winton Woods–Orchard Area and Cherry Hill
Winton Woods–Southshore Drive
Winton Woods–West Park Road
Winton Woods–West Branch Trail

Thanks to Brian Wulker for suggesting these additional hotspots at Winton Woods. Whenever possible, please use one of the new hotspots rather than the general hotspot for all of the park.

Hardin County
Andreoff Wildlife Area–Hardin County Road 205
This is an additional hotpost at the Andreoff Wildlife Area, formerly known as the “Hardin County Wetlands,” recently acquired as a new Ohio state wildlife area.

Holmes County
Dunker Road
Thanks to Javin Blake for suggesting this hotspot and providing a description.

Medina County
Spring Grove Cemetery, Medina
Spring Grove Cemetery in Medina has recently been recognized as an arboretum.

Stark County
Sandy Valley Trail–Maple Street Trailhead
Thanks to Jaclyn Hupp for suggesting this hotspot on a new trail in Waynesburg and for providing photos and information about the trail.


Athens County
Dairy Barn Ora Anderson Trail
Added tips for birding from Melissa Wales, Ohio Ornithological Society Southeast Regional Director.

Clermont County
Valley View Preserve
Added photos and tips for birding from the Ohio Ornithological Society Chip Notes newsletter.

Greene County and Warren County
Spring Valley Wildlife Area
Added tips for birding from Tyler Ficker, Ohio Ornithological Society Southwest Regional Director.

Hamilton County
Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati
Added “Cincinnati” to the hotspot name to distinguish this from a cemetery with the same name in Medina County.

Hancock County
Blue Rock Nature Preserve
Added tips for birding from Amy Downing, Ohio Ornithological Society, Northwest Regional Director.

Summit County
Akron Fulton Airport–Akron Skate Park
Thanks to Susan Carpenter and other birders for encouraging us to add the airport name to this hotspot. The Skate Park and other locations along Derby Downs Drive provide views of the runways at the airport. This clarifies that this hotspot may be used to report birds seen on the airport.