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Clear Fork Mohican River
Mohican State Park

Ohio Birding Day Hikes

Ohio Birding Day Hikes, a new feature of the website, is under development.

I need your help. I would like to add at least one Birding Day Hike for each county in Ohio. I would like to add hikes suggested by Ohio birders. Please use the contact form to let me know if you have a good hike in your county that we should add.

New eBird Hotspots

Columbiana County

Beaver Creek State Park–Vondergreen Trail
This state park is in the Little Beaver Creek Important Bird Area.

Geauga County

Veterans Legacy Woods
Thanks to Cory Chiappone for suggesting this hotspot at a newly opened Geauga County Park which was formerly the Wicked Woods Golf Course.

Greene County

Garland Reserve
Thanks to Lee Funderburg for suggesting this new hotspot.

Mahoning County

Mill Creek Park–East Gorge Trail
This new hotspot in the Mill Creek Park was added with the new Birding Day Hikes feature to accommodate checklists submitted on the Mill Creek Gorge Trail Loop hike.

Medina County

Hinckley Reservation–Redwing Cabin Picnic Area
Thanks to Alex Garrote for suggesting this additional hotspot in the Hinckley Reservation and the Rocky River-East Branch Important Bird Area.


Clark County

Tecumseh Trail
We have moved the marker for the hotspot to the entrance of the Tecumseh Trail in Smith Park to make the coordinates easier to use with finding the location using a GPS or smartphone.

Franklin County

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus
Updated page with a “birding map” from the Green Lawn Cemetery webpage.

Johnson Woods Nature Preserve
Photo by Ken Ostermiller

Wayne County

Added photos to these pages.
Funk Bottoms Wildlife Area‚ÄďAngling Road
Johnson Woods Nature Preserve
Wecht Road

New Maps

Added maps showing all the hotspots in these state parks or wildlife areas.

Butler County
Preble County

Hueston Woods State Park

Clark County

Buck Creek State Park

Clermont County

East Fork State Park

Cuyahoga County

Bedford Reservation

Metzger Marsh Wildlife Area

Lucas County

Maumee Bay State Park
Metzger Marsh Wildlife Area

Marion County

Big Island Wildlife Area

Ottawa County

East Harbor State Park

Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area

Wayne County
Holmes County

Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area