About state of Ohio website links

You may have noticed than the state of Ohio is in the process of updating websites. All of the links to information about state parks, wildlife areas, state nature preserves, boat ramps, and more currently go to a temporary website. The new websites are in development but will not be ready until summer. Once the new websites are ready, it will take some time to update the links. In the meantime, I ask for your patience.
Ken Ostermiller

There are 3673 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Allen County

Kendrick Woods–Cottonwood Trail Access
Parking and access to the Cottonwood Trail is on Zion Church Road at the north end of the Kendrick Woods Important Bird Area. Thanks to Mandy Roberts for suggesting this hotspot and for providing photos.

Cuyahoga County

Glenwillow Village Trail
The Glenwillow Village Trail on the north side of Pettibone from Austin Powder Drive to Richmond Road is extensively used by residents walking, riding bikes, and jogging. The trail connects with the trail system in Oakwood Village and the Cleveland Metroparks. Thanks to Cory Chiappone for suggesting this hotspot and for providing a photo.

Pettibone Park
Photo by Cory Chiappone

Pettibone Park
The main attraction of Pettibone Park in the Village of Glenwillow, as far as birders are concerned, is that it is adjacent to an old landfill. The best spot to view it is from the top of the hill at the parks far west end. You can walk there from the parking lot but the lawn can be pretty soggy, so it is best reached by parking in the designated parking spots along the road next to the hill. Thanks to Cory Chiappone for suggesting this hotspot and for providing tips for birding and photos.

Geauga County

LaDue Public Hunting Area–Rapids Road
Thanks to Garrett Lane for suggesting this additional hotspot in the LaDue Public Hunting Area

Holmes County

Holmes County Trail–Killbuck
The trail entrance is located next to the former train depot on Water Street (County Road 622). Parking is available in downtown Killbuck on Front Street, Water Street, and Main Street. Thanks to Joseph Boros for suggesting this additional hotspot on the Holmes County Trail.

Ottawa County

Portage River @ OH-163
Bank Swallows regularly nest under the bridge over the Portage River at OH-163 in Port Clinton. The area can be viewed from the bridge or from the parking lots of nearby businesses. There is parking for Jet Express on the south side, east of the road. On the north west side there is a place to clean fish, also with a parking lot. Please be respectful of businesses, especially when they have many customers. Thanks to Ami Horowitz for suggesting this hotspot and providing tips for birding.


Clayton Township Road 217
Perry County Road 112
Thanks to Brad Imhoff for suggesting these two hotspots and for providing tips for birding and photos.

Sandusky County

Chudzinski-Johannsen Park
Chudzinski-Johannsen Park is Ballville Township’s newest park. The park’s setting is on a gentle rolling parcel of land approximately 74.5 acres located next to Tindall Bridge. The park has 1900 feet of water edge property along the banks of the Sandusky River. Thanks to Chris Byers for suggesting this hotspot.


Cuyahoga County

Forest Hill Park–East Cleveland
Thanks to Linda Coulter for providing photos.

Lucas County and Ottawa County

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

All the National Wildlife Refuges in the US, including Ottawa NWR, may be viewed, “explored” in eBird from the Explore tab.

Each of the National Wildlife Refuges has been defined as a polygon and the resulting page collects data from all the checklists (at hotspots and personal locations) within the refuge. Here’s the link to the page for Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge:

I noticed that some of the hotspots at Ottawa NWR were not showing up in the data, mostly hotspots where the marker was placed on a water feature at the refuge. For example, the marker for the Boss Unit on Benton-Carroll Road was in the pool adjacent to the viewing deck and the marker for the Walking Trail Pools was out in one of the pools. I experimented with moving the markers for these locations to land locations and, eureka, they showed up on the page above. I made adjustments in this way to the locations of markers for 8 sublocations at Ottawa NWR and data from them is now included in the output of this tool.

This is an example of how polygons are used in eBird to display data from eBird. I understand that the National Wildlife Refuge polygons were set up with special funding and using the polygons that are defined by the National Wildlife Refuge system.

In eBird, the Audubon Important Bird Areas have also been set up at polygons for data display. They do not have a display in the “Explore” tab similar to the National Wildlife Refuges, but may be selected from the tools which build bar charts, first and last sightings, and more. In this website, there is a page for each of the Important Bird Areas in Ohio. This link will take you to the index page where you may explore data from the Ohio IBA polygons.

Wayne County

Browns Lake Bog State Nature Preserve
Thanks to Tom Fishburn for providing photos.

County and Township Roads

Adjusted the names of County Roads and Township Roads to include the name of the county or township. There was not time to finish this project. There will be similar changes to other hotspots in the next week.
Alum Creek State Park–Delaware County Road 10A Fishing Access
Ashland County Road 1950
Charles Mill Lake–Ashland County Road 1217 Access
Conesville Coal Lands–County Road 7 Pond
Grassy Fork Bottoms, Jackson County Road 2
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area–Marseilles Township Road 103
Mohicanville Dam–Mohican Township Road 2250
OH-269 @ Erie County Road 175
Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area–Sandusky County Road 232
Sandusky County Road 202
Sandusky County Road 244
Seneca County Road 34
Thompson Township Road 178
West River Road–I-75 to Hancock County Road 139
Woodbury Wildlife Area–Bedford Township Roads 56 and 58
Woodbury Wildlife Area–Coshocton County Road 4
Woodbury Wildlife Area–Coshocton County Road 70
Woodbury Wildlife Area–Coshocton County Road 286
Woodbury Wildlife Area–Jackson Township Road 302
Woodbury Wildlife Area–Jackson Township Road 403