What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 3998 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Clinton County and Highland County
East Fork Riparian Reserve–East Side Trails (Clinton Co.)
East Fork Riparian Reserve–West Side Trails (Highland Co.)
Thanks to Lee Funderburg for suggesting this reserve as a hotspot. The Highland-Clinton county line runs through the middle of this preserve. The trails on the east side of the preserve are in Clinton County. The trails on the west side are in Highland County.

Delaware County
Alum Creek Trail–Polaris Parkway to County Line Road
Thanks to Michael Schramm for suggesting this hotspot. Most of the Alum Creek Trail is in Franklin County. This section in Delaware County is the northernmost terminus of the trail from the county line north to Polaris Parkway where the trail meets the Big Walnut Trail.

Lorain County
Menards Retention Pond
Thanks to Ryan Smylie for suggesting this hotspot.


Athens County
Woodcock Nature Preserve (restricted access)
Added (restricted access) to the name of this preserve and tips for birding. Birders are asked to give advance notice the night before visiting by sending a text message to the preserve.

Medina County
Alderfer-Chatfield Wildlife Sanctuary
The Medina County Park District has changed the name of the Wolf Creek Environmental Center to Oenslager Nature Center. The nature center is located in the Alderfer-Chatfield Wildlife Sanctuary. Adjusted the name of this hotspot to use the name of the wildlife sanctuary instead of the nature center, since the trails are in the sanctuary.

Franklin County
Alum Creek Trail–Heritage Park and Westerville Sports Complex
The Alum Creek Trail passes through Heritage Park and this hotspot has been used for checklists on the trail from County Line Road to Main Street. We have changed the name from “Heritage Park, Westerville”. Thanks to Michael Schramm and Rob Thorn for helping to discern this change.