New eBird Hotspots

Delaware County

Alum Creek State Park–Dam at Africa Road
Thanks to Rob Thorn for suggesting and providing a description of this additional hotspot at Alum Creek State Park

Lucas County

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Metzger Marsh Partnership Trail
This new trail, open seasonally May through September, is accessed from Metzger Marsh Wildlife Area by walking the outer dike to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. The trail continues for 2 miles and ends at the Crane Creek Estuary. This is an out and back trail, hikers must return to Metzger Marsh to exit.

White-eyed Vireo
seen at Decliff Road Trailhead
Photo by Amy Holloway

Marion County

Marion Tallgrass Trail–Augusta-Meeker Road to Decliff Road
Marion Tallgrass Trail–Decliff Road to LaRue-Marseilles Road
Thanks to Amy Holloway for suggesting that we add hospots either direction from the Decliff Road trailhead on the Marion Tallgrass Trail.


Delaware County

Alum Creek State ParkÔÇôSailing Club Access
Thanks to Rob Thorn for providing an updated description of this hotspot. There are three access points near the Sailing Club to view birds.

Harrison County

In order to make them work better with the new Clendening Lake Trails day hikes, we have made some adjustments to hotspot names located on the Buckeye Trail in this area.
Clendening Lake–Buckeye Trail, North of Brushy Fork Bay
Formerly there were two hotspots, Clendening Lake–Buckeye Trail North Side East and Clendening Lake–Buckeye Trail North Side West. We have combined these and added Brushy Creek Bay to better identify the location.
Clendening Lake–Buckeye Trail, South of Brushy Fork Bay
This was formerly Clendening Lake–Buckeye Trail South Side. The new name more clearly identifies the location.

Lucas County

Oak Openings–Evergreen Trail (orange)
Oak Openings–Ferns and Lakes Trail (blue)
Oak Openings–Foxfire Trail (yellow)
Oak Openings–Sand Dunes Trail (red)

The names of four hotspots on trails in the Oak Openings Preserve Metropark had used the color of the blaze on the trail rather than the trail name. In creating a page about day hikes using the Oak Openings Preserve Metropark Trails, it seemed more helpful to have the name of the trail as well as the color of the blazes in the hotspot name. These hotspot names have been adjusted accordingly.

Ohio Birding Day Hikes

Marion Tallgrass Trail – Holland Road Trailhead
Photo by Ken Ostermiller

Thanks to everyone who has helped with adding Ohio Birding Day Hikes.

There are only a few counties left with no hikes suggested: Brown, Coshocton, Defiance, Fayette, Gallia, Henry, Putnam, Van Wert, Washington, and Willaims. If you have a hike to suggest in any of these, please let me know.