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The Funk Bottoms Important Bird Area in Wayne County has offered some unusual shorebird sightings this spring. Check the latest Focus On . . . blog
Focus on Funk Bottoms

New eBird Hotspots

Greene County

Gravel Pit Road
Thanks to Gabby Loomis-Amrhein for suggesting this hotspot. The agricultural fields on Gravel Pit Road between Wildman Road and Oglesbee Road can form skypools during wet weather and host ducks, geese, and shorebirds. The roads in this area traverse privately owned lands. Please view birds from the roadside only.

Lorain County

Avondale Avenue
Thanks to Parry McKelvey for suggesting and providing a description of this hotspot in Avon Lake near Miller Road Park and south of the Avon Lake Power Plant.

Lucas County

Stranahan Arboretum
Thanks to Anthony Marino for suggesting this hotspot which is managed by the University of Toledo.

Warren County

Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area–New Burlington Road
Thanks to Lee Funderburg for suggesting this new hotspot in the Caesar Creek Important Bird Area
There is another hotspot in the wildlife area on New Burlington Road. We have adjusted the name of that hotspot to:
Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area–Burlington Ridge


Lorain County

Black River Reservation–Bridgeway Trail
Black River Reservation–Steel Mill Trail
Thanks to an observant birder, we discovered that we had two hotspots on the Steel Mill Trail which have now been combined. When the reservation was being developed the new trail was named “Bridgeway” and entered into eBird as a hotspot. Birders found Lark Sparrows nesting along this trail. In 2008 the trail was extended north. The north section was named “Steel Mill Trail” and was entered into eBird as a hotspot. The Bridgeway Trail became the name for the southern section of the trail system. Your reviewer did not realize that the older “Bridgeway” hotspot was no longer on the Bridgeway Trail and both hotspots have been been used to report the Lark Sparrows.

A new hotspot has been created for the Bridgeway Trail. The Days Dam Trailhead on East 31st Street divides the two trails. The Steel Mill Trail is north of Days Dam, the Bridgeway Trail is south of Days Dam.

Washington County

Derby Road and Buchanan Road
Thanks to Terry Bronson for providing a description and tips for birding these roads in Washington County.

Wayne County

Funk Bottoms Wildlife Area‚ÄďAngling Road
The name of this hotspot has been changed to make it a sub-location in Funk Bottoms Wildlife Area. A parking area has been added on the south side of Angling Road west of Elyria Road which provides access to a formerly land-locked section of the wildlife area.

Wyandot County

Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area
Added a map with all the hotspots in the wildlife area.

Top Birding Locations in Ohio

On the home page, updated the Ohio top 35 birding locations (most species reported).

On each county page, updated the top birding locations with 100 or more species reported.