There are 3702 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Allen County

McLean Teddy Bear Park
Thanks to Linda Houshower for suggesting this park where she observed Henslow’s Sparrows as a hotspot.

Franklin County

Rush Run Ravines
Thanks to Rob Thorn for suggesting this hotspot and providing a photo and description of the pocket parks and conservation easements in the Rush Run neighborhood Worthington.

Greene County

Stewart Cemetery
Thanks to Gabby Loomis-Amrhein for suggesting this cemetery at the intersection of Hanley and Orchard Grove Roads in Bowersville as a hotspot.

Knox County

Kokosing Gap Trail–Stull Road
Thanks to Benjamin Miller for suggesting this additional hotspot on the Kokosing Gap Trail.

Sandusky County

River Cliff Park
Thanks to Paul Sherwood for suggesting this park in Fremont as a hotspot.