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Verizon Pond

Map from OpenStreetMap (© OpenStreetMap contributors)

Butler County
Indian Creek MetroPark–Pioneer Church
Thanks to Michael Minium for suggesting this hotspot.

Miami University–Bachelor Preserve East Loop
Thanks to Sue Parks for suggesting this hotspot and for providing photos and tips for birding.
Miami University–Western Woods and Beck Preserve
Thanks to Michael Minium for suggesting this hotspot.

Clark County
New Reid Park
Thanks to Ryan Taylor for suggesting this hotspot.

Delaware County
Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware
Thanks to Sean Williams for suggesting this hotspot.

Hamilton County and Warren County
Verizon Pond–North End (Warren Co.)
Verizon Pond–South End (Hamilton Co.)
Verizon Pond is located at the intersection of Union Cemetery Road and Fields Ertel Road. The south end of the pond is in Hamilton County. The north end of the pond is in Warren County. Birders who carefully keep records by the county of where birds are observed may organize their bird lists accordingly at this pond. The county line passes through the gazebo on the pond edge in the parking lot of the car dealership on the east side of the pond.

Seneca County
Paul M. Gillmor Community Park
Thanks to David De Armey for suggesting this hotspot.

Stark County
Middle Branch Trail–Easton St. to Market St. Tunnel
Thanks to Brady Higgs for suggesting this hotspot.


Butler County
Elk Creek Metropark–Meadow Ridge Area
Thanks to Sue Parks for providing photos and tips for birding this location.

Franklin County
Ohio State University–Livestock Facilities (closed) has been removed from eBird as a hotspot at the request of the management. Please observe the “No Trespassing” signs at this facility which is closed to birders. The location has been reverted to a personal location in the accounts of birders who have submitted checklists. No data has been lost or removed from eBird. Birders are asked to refrain from visiting this site and should not submit checklists in the future.

Washington County
Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta
Added the community name to distinguish this from Oak Grove Cemetery in Delaware County.