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New eBird Hotspots

Ashtabula County

Indian Mound Metropark
Thanks to Robert Krajeski for suggesting this hotspot at a new metropark in the county.

Clermont County

Woodland Mound Boat Launch
Thanks to Gene Sattler for suggesting this new hotspot which is part of Woodland Mound Park. Note that while most of this park is in Hamilton County, the boat ramp is located across the county line in Clermont County.

Harrison County

Clendening Lake
Thanks to Jon Cefus for suggesting that we add an “overall” hotspot for all of Clendening Lake.

Mahoning County

Lake Milton State Park–Mahoning Avenue Nature Trail
Lake Milton State Park–Mountain Bike Trails

Thanks to Paul Sherwood for suggesting these two additional hotspots in the Lake Milton State Park.

Meander Reservoir–Mahoning Avenue
Thanks to Ethan Kistler for suggested this additional hotspot on the Meander Reservoir for roadside birding. We have adjusted the name of the other hotspot which is in Trumbull County on the reservoir by adding the country name, Meander Reservoir (Trumbull Co.).

Trumbull County

Dunkerton Road
Thanks to Ethan Kistler for suggesting this hotspot adjacent to Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area.

Newton Falls Bike Trail
Thanks to Paul Sherwood for suggesting this hotspot.

Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–Chaffee Dodgeville Road
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–North Park Avenue, Townline Road

Thanks to Ethan Kistler for adding these hotspots in the Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area.


Butler County and Hamilton County

Fernald Preserve
Omitted “Nature Preserve” from the names of all the hotspots at the Fernald Preserve to match the official name of this property.