What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 3835 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge – Stange Prairie
Muskingum County
Mission Oaks Gardens
Thanks to Taylor Shimek for suggesting this hotspot in Zanesville and for providing tips for birding.

Franklin County
Minerva Park Lake and Greenbelt
Thanks to Rob Thorn for suggesting this hotspot and for providing photos and tips for birding.

Ottawa County
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Stange Prairie
The Stange Prairie has an observation deck that may be accessed from Stange Road. It provides views of the pond on the Wildlife Drive.

The hotspot Stange Rd. @ Krause Rd. has been adjusted accordingly. These roads are on the edge of the National Wildlife Area and birders use it to report birds seen in the agricultural fields on private lands along the roads.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Two Rivers Unit, O’Neal Road (restricted access)
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Two Rivers Unit, West Portage River South Road

Thanks to Trevor Zook for suggesting hotspots for a newly opened unit of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge near the confluence of the Portage and Little Portage rivers.


Clark County
Eagle City Rd. Borrow Pits (view from roadside only)
The Eagle City Road Borrow Pits are not open to entry. We have added (view from roadside only) to this hotspot name.

Cuyahoga County
Lakefront Reservation–Scranton Road Peninsula
Thanks to Tom Fishburn for providing photos.

Geauga County
South Russell Village Park
Thanks to Matt Valencic for providing tips and updated information about this park.

Ottawa County
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Little Portage Unit
Changed the name of “Little Portage River–Upper” to reflect that this has become a unit of the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

Scranton Flats
Scranton Flats, Photo by Tom Fishburn