New eBird Hotspots

Darke County
Wayne Lakes Village (view from roadside only)
Thanks to Cindy Ploch for suggesting this hotspot. She and Ellen Brown, Mayor of Wayne Lakes, provided the description of birding at this location.

Stark County
Republic Landfill
Thanks to Nate Mast for suggesting this hotspot and provided tips for viewing birds there.

Washington County
Devola Lock and Dam #2
Lowell Lock and Dam #3
Thanks to Michael Schramm for suggesting these two hotspots on the Muskingum River.

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Focus on Reporting Rare Bird Sightings in Ohio
Chasing a rare bird seen in Ohio? Here’s info on reporting your sighting to eBird.

Updates and Changes

Stark County
Malone University
Thanks to Anna Killian for providing a description of the campus.