New eBird Hotspots

Weiss Field Woods – Bald Eagle
Photo by James Kerner

Hamilton County
Arlington Memorial Gardens
Thanks to Megan Mahon for suggesting this new eBird hotspot.
Wyoming Hike-Bike Trail
Thanks to Brandt Schurenberg for suggesting this hotspot which is a section of the Mill Creek Greenway Trail.

Lorain County
Weiss Field Woods
Thanks to James Kerner for suggesting this new eBird hotspot in Avon Lake.

Mahoning County
Mill Creek Park–Suspension Bridge
Thanks to Bettyann Nagy for suggesting this new eBird hotspot in the Mill Creek Park.

Richland County
Shelby Black Fork Wetlands
Thanks to Jason Larson for suggesting this hotspot. The Shelby Black Fork Wetlands are adjacent to Shelby Reservoir No. 3.


Wayne Lakes Village – Mohawk Lake
Photo by Cynthia Ploch

Darke County
Wayne Lakes Village
Thanks to Cynthia Ploch for adding photos of the village to the webpage.

Richland County
Gorman Nature Center–Bird Feeders
Gorman Nature Center–Property And Trails
Jason Larson, the Executive Director of the Richland Parks District and the Gorman Nature Center, has worked to split the hotspot at the Gorman Nature Center into two locations, one for the feeders at the nature center visitor center and another for birds seen on the property and trails.