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New eBird Hotspots

Pickaway County and Ross County

Ross-Pickaway County Line Road
Ross-Pickaway County Line Road (Pickaway County)
Ross-Pickaway County Line Road (Ross County)

Thanks to Eric Reiner and Ken Danter for suggesting that we add an eBird hotspot on this road that birders have visited for many seasons. This road is right on the county line. Ross County is south of the road. Pickaway County is north of the road. While the birds do not care about the county line and cross it freely, some birders keep careful track of bird sightings within each county. There are two eBird hotspots to use to report checklists of birds seen in each county.


Union County

Jim Simmons Trail
Thanks to Steve Jones who suggested moving the marker for this hotspot to the entrance of the Jim Simmons Trail adjacent to the Mill Valley Park parking area.