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Northwood Walking Trail

Photo by Derrick Hill
Guernsey County
Northwood Walking Trail
Thanks to Derrick Hill for suggesting this hotspot in Cambridge and for providing a photo and description of the trail. The Northwood Walking Trail, .5 mile, crosses Wills Creek and connects to Northwood Cemetery. Parking is available on Wills Creek Valley Drive.

Holmes County
stakeout Black-headed Grosbeak, 2690 Township Rd. 66, Killbuck (2021)
There is a Black-headed Grosbeak coming to a Holmes County feeder. It has been present for approximately 4 weeks according to the homeowners Allen and Ada Raber who knew they had a grosbeak but just recently told Joshua Yoder who went and confirmed the species and spoke with the homeowners about the possibility of allowing the many visitors that would love to see this bird. Allen is most welcoming of visitors but there are some key logistics to follow to make it work well so please read and follow very carefully if you try for this bird. The address is 2690 Township Road 66, Killbuck. This is an extremely quiet narrow dirt road but there is a small running business at the house and deliveries may be made there so all of the parking is to be along the east side of the road, south of the house. Parking will need to be from the green gate and extending south from there. During peak visitation, some will need to park south back to the curve in the road and beyond to find places wide enough to pull off the east side of the road and still allow traffic to pass. It is of course crucial to not block the road and allow even small trucks to pass. Viewing will happen from the road viewing the feeder on the south side of the house. The land west of the road opposite the house is owned by someone that will not tolerate anyone on his land so do not step off the west side of the road near the house. It will be in everyone’s best interest if folks are as still and quiet as possible as you wait on the road as the bird seems pretty shy. It has often scanned the yard from the spruce on the north end of the row of White Pine by the green gate and people will be near this lookout tree so quiet and still will be essential to help the bird come to the feeder. Many thanks to the Raber’s for their hospitality and to Joshua Yoder for helping with arrangements and confirming the bird. As a thank you please sign the guestbook by the green gate and consider a donation of birdseed. Good luck!
From Kent Miller

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Lorain County
Century Park
Thanks to Debbie and Mark Raven for suggesting this hotspot on Lake Erie in Lorain.

Mahoning County
Salt Springs Road Mahoning River View
This view of the Mahoning River is on Salt Springs Road at the I-680 and OH-193 interchange. Salt Springs Road is accessible heading east on I-680. Take the Salt Springs Road exit. There is a pull off at the end of the exit ramp where the now-closed Bridge Street intersects Salt Springs Road. Park and walk to view the Mahoning River. Thanks to Bettyann Nagy for suggesting this hotspot.