What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 3875 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

Tips for Birding in Ohio

Looking for when a rare bird was last reported?

For those who wish to see when and where a rare bird sighting was last reported to eBird, visit the Birding-in-Ohio website and scroll down to the bottom of the home page. There is a table with all the rare bird sightings reported in the last 7 days in Ohio.

You can go to that table from any page in the website using the menu bar at the top of each page:
Find a Bird -> Recent Sightings

Extra Tip
You can also view the BirdFinder gadget in a separate page in your browser:
Note the code OH for Ohio in the URL. You can change that to a different state code to see a table for any state in the US.

New eBird Hotspots

Belmont County
Barkcamp State Park–Overlook Picnic Area
Thanks to Paul Sherwood for suggesting this hotspot.

Clermont County
East Fork State Park–Tate Boat Ramp
Thanks to Brian Wulker for suggesting this additional hotspot in the East Fork State Park.

Coshocton County
Coshocton County Road 9
Newcastle Township Road 366
Sharrock Ridge Reclaimed Area
Thanks to Kent Miller for suggesting these three hotspots.

Tuscarawas River Access @ Coshocton County Road 254
Thanks to Jon Cefus for suggesting this hotspot.

Hamilton County
Pioneer Park
Thanks to Emily Pack for suggesting this hotspot in Montgomery.

Licking County
Tagg Road
The agricultural fields adjacent to Tag Road, Township Highway 48, may attract Horned Larks, Snow Buntings, and Lapland Longspurs in the winter. This road traverses privately owned properties. Please view birds from the roadside only.

Mahoning County
Mill Creek Park–Glacier Falls
Thanks to Bettyann Nagy for suggesting this additional hotpsot in Mill Creek Park.

Portage County
Jessie Smith Wildlife Preserve
Thanks to Alex Colucci for suggesting this hotspot.


Jefferson County
Rayland Marina (Jefferson Co.)
We have adjusted the name of this hotspot from “Short Creek Public Boat Ramp (Jefferson Co.)”. While at one time there was a free public boat ramp here, it is now privately operated as a marina with a fee for launching and parking. We also added information about the location of the state line in the Ohio River and the location of the Belmont County line south of this hotspot.