There are 3541 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Franklin County

Capital University
Thanks to Jessica Camp for suggesting this hotspot.

Summit County

Copley Community Park
Thanks to Greg Snowden for suggesting this hotspot.


Whew! Finished making many behind the scene updates, visiting every page in the website in the past two weeks. (There are 4,165 pages currently!) Many websites, including eBird, have been updating to more secure urls, changing from http:// to https://. The older links were redirecting to the changed websites but the process made many pages load a bit slower. Now, when you click on a link to the eBird website, it should open slightly faster. I also found a few errors I made in setting up pages and fixed those problems in the process.

Photo by Janet Chandler

Knox County

Wolf Run Regional Park
Thanks to Janet Chandler for providing photos and tips for birding.