What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 3865 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Medina County
Garden Isle Road
Garden Isle Road runs from the south edge of the village of Lodi to Willow Road near the I-71 and OH-83 interchange. The road traverses privately owned properties. Please view birds from the roadside only.

Miami County
Great Miami River Trail–OH-202 Trailhead
The Great Miami River Trail runs for 75 miles and hugs the Great Miami River nearly the entire route. The trail offers 32 miles of bikeway along the Great Miami River through Miami County.

Tuscarawas County
stakeout Painted Bunting, 1526 Gotthard St., Sugarcreek (2021)
A local birder has confirmed and secured permission for visitors to see a male Painted Bunting in Tuscarawas that the homeowners say has been present several weeks and continues today. Houses are close together here with very short driveways so parking will need to be on the street. Today Ed Schlabach spoke with the Sugar Creek Police Department who were very cooperative asking that we be very careful not to block traffic or driveways. The bird is visiting the back yard and feeder at 1526 Gotthard Street SW, Sugar Creek. Birders are invited to park on the road and only view from the driveway of either 1526 or 1532 Gotthard. Both homeowners have granted permission to view from those driveways but do not wander off the driveways, please. It sounds like the driveway of 1532 will actually give the best viewing even though the feeder is at 1526. If parking along the road should happen to fill up, there is public parking .3 miles away at a ball park at the end of Rhine St. Lastly please sign the visitor book on the porch of 1526. Thanks for enjoying this special visitor respectfully.
From Bobolink Area Facebook group
Thanks to Eli Miller for suggesting the stakeout hotspot.


We have updated the Focus on… articles about birding near a county or state line with help from Ohio eBird reviewers about how to report checklists in these situations.
Focus on Birding near a County Line
Focus on Birding near a State Line

How to report checklists near a state or county line in Ohio

Ohio eBird reviewers ask that birders keep precise state and county lists. When you are at a location where you see birds across a state or county line, we ask that you keep two incomplete birding lists, one for each side of the border.

When keeping separate checklists for different sides of a border, please follow these rules:
+ For both checklists, the answer to “Is this a complete checklist of the birds you were able to identify?” must be “No“, because each list intentionally omits birds in the other geopolitical area.
+ Use your exact location for birds detected on your side of the border; create a personal location directly across from you on the opposite side of the border for the birds you detect on that side. (You can also select an appropriate hotspot for either side of the border, but only if it accurately describes your location on your side or the general vicinity of the birds on the other side.)
+ If you freely crossed back and forth across the border while birding, choose an incomplete Stationary or Traveling protocol for both checklists. If you could not freely cross the border while birding, use the “Incidental” protocol for the checklist on the inaccessible side. Do not use the Stationary or Traveling protocol for any lists plotted to counties, states, or provinces you did not actually bird within.
+ We recommend focusing on one side of the border at a time instead of trying to keep two lists at once (you will not be able to keep simultaneous lists running on eBird Mobile if you are using tracks).

Belmont County
Pike Island Lock and Dam
At this location, the Ohio-West Virginia state line is on the bank of the Ohio side of the river. Birds seen on the Ohio River are in West Virginia in the Pike Island Pool (above the dam) or in the water below the dam (use the Pike Island Dam hotspot in West Virginia). When reporting birds from the Ohio hotspot use multiple incomplete checklists as described above.




Example of a popular location with a county line.

Pike Island Lock and Dam on the Ohio-West Virginia state line.