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Holmes County

stakeout Harris’s Sparrow, Township Rd. 628, Millersburg (2019)
Thanks to Adam Alexander for suggesting this stakeout. If you have submitted a checklist for this bird, you may want to change your location to the hotspot. This allows information about the bird to show at a shared location. For more information on stakeout hotspots please visit Stakeouts and Rarities.

Lawrence County

Proctorville Park
Thanks to Bryan Smith for suggesting this hotspot in Proctorville and for providing a photo and tips for birding this location.

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There are two pages which focus on winter birding in Ohio.
Focus on Winter Birding at Killdeer Plains
Focus on Cuyahoga River Winter Birding

Also, check the pages about The Wilds and The Wilds Birding Drive, another place for winter birding.

Looking for location of a particular bird species in Ohio? You can search this website for a bird species, but results will be limited to pages which have the bird in the description of the location. It is a better choice to use the eBird website Species Map. For information on how to do this visit:
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Cuyahoga County

Hemlock Creek Trail, Independence
Thanks to Fred Losi for suggesting that we add the community name, Independence, to the hotspot name to distinguish this trail from Bedford Reservation–Hemlock Creek Picnic Area, which has an associated trail system four miles away.