New eBird Hotspots

Blue Heron Park Complex

Medina County
Blue Heron Park Complex
The Blue Heron Park Complex is in Montville Township near Medina. Three parks have been established from the former Blue Heron Golf Course, and we have added a page to the website describing all three parks in the complex. There is no overall hotspot for the complex; each park has its own hotpot. The Thomas Currier Nature Preserve is the third park in the complex, is under development, and has been added this week as a hotspot.
Aaron Smith Nature Preserve
Austin Badger Park
Thomas Currier Nature Preserve

Franklin County
Overbrook Ravine Park

Warren County
Miller Ecological Park

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Focus on Important Bird Areas
The Ohio Important Bird Areas are examples of the way polygons may be defined in eBird to display data about bird distribution.

Updates and Changes

Cuyahoga County
Big Creek Reservation–Lake Isaac
The Cleveland Metroparks is no longer designating this lake as a “waterfowl sanctuary.” The name was shortened to reflect this change.

Knox County
Krause Road, Centerburg
The name of this hotspot has been changed to “Krause Rd., Centerburg” to distinguish it from the hotspot at Stange and Krause Roads in Ottawa County (Stange Road @ Krause Road).