What’s New in Birding in Ohio

New eBird Hotspots

Hamilton County
stakeout Allen’s Hummingbird, Murry Rd, Cincinnati (2021)
Thanks to Mollie Bading for suggesting this stakeout hotspot.

Franklin County
Scioto Audubon Metro Park–Wetland Trails
Thanks to Beth Riemenschneider for suggesting this additional hotspot for the Scioto Audubon Metro Park.
Due to the reclaimed nature of the park and especially the wetlands area, the Metroparks rangers prefer that people not frequent the wetland trails because the ponds are unlined and the soil is only covering what lies beneath, so they have stopped mowing those trails and discourage people from entering that area. The wetlands can be viewed from a distance from the higher bike trails above and also from paths to the east of the wetlands.


Athens County
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway
Added a newer map of the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway to the main page about the bikeway and to each of he pages describing the sublocations.