New eBird Hotspots

Fairfield County
Cenci Lake Park

Hocking County
Wayne National Forest–Paynes Wetland

Wayne County
Pine Tree Barn Lake


I am in the process of optimizing the website for those who view it on a smartphone screen.
I am about half-way through the whole website with the process.
+ The text on pages is now left-justified when viewing the site on a phone.
+ It is taking some time to adjust the bar chart table on for each hotspot so that the table fits the screen size. That adjustment is complete for the home page and for each of the county pages. About half of the hotspot pages are done — I worked on the most visited counties first.
+I need to adjust the pages describing Important Bird Areas.

I have added a page of tips on “Using this Website with a Smartphone.” I would be interested in tips from users on how you use the website on your smartphone at home or while you are out bird watching.

Send suggestions to me: Contact
Ken Ostermiller