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New eBird Hotspots

Thanks to the many birders who submitted checklists in the Kirtland’s Warbler Migration Blitz research project. In Ohio, we had a little over 300 hotspots (KIWA-OH-survey) set up to accept checklists for the project. The research project is complete and a paper has been published with the results. The survey hotspots have been retired from eBird.
+ A little over half of the hotspots (160) had no checklists and have been deleted.
Survey hotspots with checklists
+ have been merged into an existing hotspot (112),
+ renamed to become a new hotspot (34), or
+ in just a few cases changed to a personal location shared by those who submitted checklists (6).

The new hotspots created from former KIWA-OH locations are listed below.

Caesar Creek Lake Wildlife Area–New Burlington Rd.
Euclid Creek Reservation–Glenridge Loop
Euclid Creek Reservation–Upper Highland Trail
Rocky River Reservation–Guerin Rd.
Rocky River Reservation–Valley Parkway Trail
Rocky River Reservation–Willow Bend Picnic Area
Alexander Rd.
Alum Creek SP–Africa Rd. @ Plum Rd.
Delaware SP–Willey Rd.
Hoover Scenic Trail
Resthaven Wildlife Area–Carson Pass Rd.
Christman Memorial Park
LaDue Public Hunting Area–Aquilla Rd.
South Newbury Cemetery
Paint Creek Lake Wildlife Area–Centerfield Rd.
Paint Creek Lake Wildlife Area–Cope Rd.
Paint Creek Wildlife Area–Burgess Rd.
North Chagrin Reservation–Bridle Trail
North Chagrin Reservation–River Grove Chestnut Shelter
Mary Rutan Park
French Creek Reservation–Pine Tree Picnic Area Entrance
Manore Rd.
Oak Openings–Jeffers Rd.
Oak Openings–Reed Rd.
Oak Openings–Waterville Swanton Rd.
Oak Openings–White Oak Campground
Towpath Park
Gearhiser Rd.
Deer Creek SP–Beach Picnic Area
Malabar Farm Restaurant
Paint Creek SP (Ross Co.)
Brandywine Ski Resort
Trumbull Woods Park
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area–Township Rd. 103