What’s New in Birding in Ohio

There are 4033 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

Tips for Birding in Ohio

Focus on Ohio Shorebird Hotspots
During the fall and spring migrations and despite the fact that we have no “seashore” in Ohio, an amazing array of shorebirds visit the state. Lakeshores, mudflats, “skypools” in flooded agricultural fields, marshes, bogs, fens, swamps — there are many habitats in Ohio that migrating shorebirds use to rest and recharge on their journeys.

Check the latest “Focus on . . .” blog for tips for finding shorebirds in Ohio and a list of Ohio hotspots where shorebirds are likely to be found.

Thanks to Patty McKelvey for suggesting this “Focus on…” topic.

New eBird Hotspots

Ashtabula County Fairgrounds
Photo by Kim Nordquest

Ashland County
Weltmer Park
Thanks to Gary Cowell for suggesting this hotspot.

Ashtabula County
Ashtabula County Fairgrounds
Thanks to Kim Norquest for suggesting this hotspot and for providing photos.

Cuyahoga County
Cuyahoga Community College–Eastern Campus
Thanks to Dan Hazard for suggesting this hotspot.

Delaware County
Scioto River–Radnor Boat Ramp
Thanks to Rob Thorn for suggesting this hotspot.

Mahoning County
Boardman Park
Thanks to Patrick Lewis for suggesting this hotspot in Boardman and for providing tips for birding.


Sandusky County
Billman Road, York Township Road 219
Bonham Road, York Township Road 205
Riddle Road, York Township Road 292

Seneca County
Roy Myers Road, Thompson Township Road 80

Added the township road numbers to the names of these hotspots.

Lorain County
Lakeview Park
Lorain Harbor–Fishing Pier
Lorain Impoundment Lakeside Landing
Menards Retention Pond
Thanks to Patty McKelvey for adding tips for finding shorebirds at these hotspots.

Montgomery County
Collier Preserve, Canfield
Mill Creek MetroParks has changed the name of this location from Mill Creek Preserve Wetlands to Collier Preserve. The eBird hotspot name adds Canfield to distinguish this from the Collier State Nature Preserve in Seneca County.

Riddle Road, York Township Road 292
Photo by Ken Ostermiller