New eBird Hotspots

Knox County

stakeout Swallow-tailed Kite, Caves Rd., Howard (2019)
We have added a stakeout hotspot for the Swallow-tailed Kite being seen in Knox County. If you have submitted a checklist at or near this location, please change the location of your checklist to the stakeout hotspot.

Summit County

Cuyahoga Valley National Park–Everett Road Covered Bridge Trails
Thanks to Ken Andrews for suggesting this additional hotspot in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and for providing tips for birding this location.


Knox County

Honey Run Highlands Park
Added photos and a map of the trails at this park.

Lake County

Lakefront Lodge
Thanks to Nancy O’Bryan for providing photos and tips for birding this location.

Lucas County

Howard Marsh Metropark
Added photos.

Scioto County

Shawnee State Park–Marina
The golf course at Shawnee State Park has been closed. The property is to remain in the state park but no longer maintained as a golf course. We have changed the name of this hotspot accordingly.

Wyandot County

Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area–Drained Reservoir
The Killdeer Reservoir has been drained and decommissioned. The dike that impounded the water had become unsafe and has been breached to drain the reservoir. The hotspot has been renamed accordingly.

Updates to Top Birding Locations

Updated the Top 35 Ohio Birding Locations on the Ohio home page.
(There is also a link which takes you to the list of the Top 100 Individual Hotspots in Ohio from the eBird website.)

Also updated the Top Birding Locations in each Ohio County. On each county page check the right column for a list of up to 10 hotspots with more than 100 bird species reported.