New eBird Hotspots

Echo Dell Bridge
Photo by Patrick Lewis

Columbiana County

Beaver Creek State Park–Echo Dell Bridge
Thanks to Patrick Lewis for suggesting this additional hotspot at Beaver Creek State Park and for providing photos and tips for birding this location.

Fayette County

New Holland Park
Thanks to Jeffrey Roth for suggesting this hotspot.

Franklin County

Camp Chase Trail–Gardner Road
Flint Park

Greene County

Hebble Creek Reserve
Mill Bridge Launch Park
Pearls Fen
Thanks to Lee Funderburg for suggesting these hotspots.

Lake County

Lakefront Lodge
Thanks to Nancy O’Bryan for suggesting this hotspot.

Licking County

T. J. Evans Bike Path
Wildwood Park, Granville
Photo by Rob Thorn

T. J. Evans Bike Path–Alexandria to Granville
T. J. Evans Bike Path–Granville
T. J. Evans Bike Path–Harndens Mill to Reddington Road
T. J. Evans Bike Path–Johnstown to Alexandria
T. J. Evans Bike Path–Newark

Thanks to Rob Thorn for suggesting these hotspots on the T. J. Evans Bike Path, providing tips for birding, and photos.

Muskingum County

National Road and Zane Grey Museum
Thanks to William Kerrigan for suggesting this hotspot and providing photos and tips for birding.


Granville Schools Land Lab
Map by Brad Imhoff

Licking County

Granville Schools Land Lab
Thanks to Brad Imhoff for tips for birding this location along with a helpful map.

Lucas County

University of Toledo Campus
Thanks to Nate Koszycki for providing a description and tips for birding on the campus.

Muskingum County

New Concord Village Reservoir
Thanks to William Kerrigan for adding photos and tips for birding this location.