There are 3590 eBird hotspots in Ohio.

New eBird Hotspots

Ashtabula County

Indian Trails Park–Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge
Indian Trails Park–Tannery Hill Access

Thanks to Steven Klingler for suggesting these two hotspots in the Indian Trails Park and for providing photos and tips for birding.

Coshocton County

Conesville Coal Lands (Coshocton County)
Thanks to James Muller for suggesting that we set up this hotspot in the Conesville Coal Lands. This recreation area is managed by American Electric Power. This hotspot may be used for checklists of birds in sections of the Conesville Coal Lands in Coshocton County.

Montgomery County

Arthur Fisher Park
Thanks to Jill Jackson for suggesting this hotspot.

Morgan County

ReCreation Land–Brannons Fork Picnic Area
ReCreation Land–Hook Lake Campground
ReCreation Land–Sawmill Road Campground
ReCreation Land–Windy Hill Picnic Area
ReCreation Land–Woodgrove Campground and Buckeye Trail

These hotspots are at campgrounds or picnic areas in the American Electric Power ReCreation Land.

Jesse Owens State Park and Wildlife Area–Maple Grove Campground
Jesse Owens State Park and Wildlife Area–Miner’S Memorial

Added two hotspots in Jesse Owens State Park and Wildlife Area.

Noble County

ReCreation Land–Bicentennial Campground and Buckeye Trail
This hotspot is at a campground in the American Electric Power ReCreation Land.

Ottawa County

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge–Marinewood Unit
Thanks to Trevor Zook for suggesting this hotspot at a newly developed unit of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.


Coshocton County

Conesville Coal Lands–Coshocton County Road 7 Pond
The name of this hotspot has been adjusted to indicate that it is a sub-location within the Conesville Coal Lands.

Huron County

Augusta-Anne Olsen State Nature Preserve
Thanks to Tom Fishburn for submitting photos to be added to the page about this hotspot.

Lucas County

Side Cut Metropark–Siegert Lake
Thanks to Jim Proffitt for adding photos of the habitat at Siegert Lake.

ReCreation Land

The ReCreation Land area in Guernsey, Morgan, Muskingum, and Noble counties managed by American Electric Power (AEP) has several hotspots adjacent to The Wilds in Muskingum County. Birders often use these hotspots on AEP land while visiting the Wilds. These hotspots, listed below, were incorrectly labeled as sub-locations within the Wilds. When other birders suggested new hotspots in in the ReCreation Land, we have modified the names of these hotspots to match the boundaries of the properties. Roads on the border of The Wilds continue to be designated as sub-locations of that property. Roads entirely within the ReCreation Land have been appropriately identified.

Two recently created hotspots in Morgan and Nobel counties did not have the ReCreation Land included in their names and have also been adjusted.

Please note, since the ReCreation Land includes property in four counties, there is no overall hotspot for all of the property. More hotspots will be added as birders use this area.

Morgan County

ReCreationLand–Buckeye Trail Dyes Fork

Muskingum County

ReCreation Land–Coal Hill Road
ReCreation Land–High Hill Road
ReCreation Land–Prouty Road
ReCreation Land–Sugar Grove Road

These four hotspots, formerly designated as sub-locations of The Wilds, have been renamed.

Rural Dale Road East of Paisley Road
Rural Dale Road West of Paisley Road

These two hotspots were formerly designated as sub-locations within The Wilds. Rural Dale Road traverses privately owned properties and is in neither The Wilds nor the ReCreation Land. The hotspot names have been adjusted accordingly.

Noble County

ReCreation Land–Chapel Drive