Browns Lake Bog State Nature Preserve

Browns Lake Bog State Nature Preserve
The Nature Conservancy
Brown Road
Shreve, Ohio 44676
Browns Lake Bog State Nature Preserve webpage
Browns Lake Bog Preserve (The Nature Conservancy) webpage

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Wayne County

Browns Lake Bog State Nature Preserve (TNC)
Coordinates: 40.6807031, -82.0634723
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Photos by Tom Fishburn

About Browns Lake Bog State Nature Preserve
+ Kettle-hole lake bog
+ 1-mile trail system and parking lot

Browns Lake Bog is one of a handful of sites in Ohio which contain an open kettle-hole lake surrounded by a floating sphagnum moss mat. The bog and surrounding forest were purchased by The Nature Conservancy in 1966. The preserve was declared a National Natural Landmark in 1968.

The preserve lies in the Glaciated Allegheny Plateau region of northeastern Ohio. The bog and lake are glacial relicts, and the knolls in the northeast corner and southern part of the property are glacially formed hills called kames.

The naturally acidic properties of sphagnum and its ability to insulate the water from rapid air temperature changes provide the special conditions needed to maintain the boreal plant community including round-leaved sundew, large cranberry, grass-pink orchid and marsh five-finger. The lowland woods south and northeast of the main bog support shallow ephemeral pools during much of the year.

Located in Wayne County 2 miles west of Shreve on Brown Road. A parking area is located on the south side of the road next to the preserve sign.
From Browns Lake Bog State Nature Preserve webpage

There are no restroom facilities.