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Funk Bottoms Birding Drive
Killbuck Marsh Birding Drive
Killbuck Marsh to Funk Bottoms Birding Drive
Wayne County Shorebird Drive
Wooster Area Birding Drive

Funk Bottoms Important Bird Area
Killbuck Valley Important Bird Area

All Hotspots in Wayne County

Angling Road
Barn Restaurant Pond
Barnes Preserve
Black Diamond Road Marsh
Browns Lake Bog State Nature Preserve
Christmas Run Park
Clay Plant Road
College of Wooster Campus
County Line Trail
County Line Trail–Creston
County Line Trail–Sterling
Fairview Cemetery, Shreve
Fox Lake Road
Freedlander Park
Funk Bottoms Wildlife Area
Funk Bottoms Wildlife Area–Funk Road
Grosjean Park
Harmony Lake
Johnson Woods Nature Preserve
Kidron Park
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area (Wayne County)
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Cemetery Road
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Clark Road
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Force Road East
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Force Road West
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Messner Road
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Moore Marsh
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Railroad @ Willow Road
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Valley Road North
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Valley Road South
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Willow Road
Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area–Wright Marsh
McAfee Road, Wooster
Oakhill Park
Overton Road Ponds
Pine Tree Barn Lake
Prairie Lane Wetlands
Rogues Hollow Historical Park
Schellin Park
Schwartzwalder Road
Secrest Arboretum
Shreve Fish Pond
Shreve Lake Wildlife Area
Sippo Valley Trail
Sippo Valley Trail–Dalton
South Crown Hill Road Ponds, Orrville
Walton Woods Wild Flower Sanctuary
Wayne County Airport
Wecht Road
Wilderness Road
Wooster Cemetery
Wooster Memorial Park

stakeout Bear Hollow Rd., Apple Creek (2009, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2017)
stakeout Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, 1971 Centerville Rd., Shreve (2017)
stakeout Loggerhead Shrike, 11141 Salt Creek Rd., Fredericksburg (2017)
stakeout Orange-crowned Warbler, 9501 Hogback Rd., Fredericksburg (2016-2017)
stakeout Western Meadowlark, 9812 South Kansas Rd. (2017)