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Wayne National Forest–Newell Run Mouth

Tips for birding Newell Run
Newell Run is a backwater of the Ohio River. The backwater is maybe 8 acres. The blacktop road runs around three sides of the backwater and crosses two bridges.

Heading south (backwater on your left) you can pull off as far as possible to the side of the road and scan. There is little to moderate traffic on this road, so pull off as far as possible. Heading south (backwater on your left) the first bridge is over Newell Run just past the church you see on the hill in front and to your right. There are two pull-offs after the bridge over the run (on your left). At this area, you can scan up the creek and out over the backwater.

Another 1/4 mile brings you to the second bridge over a small drainage area. You can stop on the bridge and scan both directions. The above caution about traffic and pulling to the side as far as possible holds here as well.

The backwater can be viewed from several locations along the perimeter road. The OH-7 bridge crosses the outfall to the Ohio River. Scanning under the bridge out to the river can be good.

From the northeast end of the perimeter road (where it joins OH-7) you can see Broadback Island in the Ohio River. While this Island is in West Virginia, it is a good place to scan for Osprey (spring, summer, fall) and Bald Eagles (fall, winter, early spring). The Ohio River at the head of the island can be stand from a pull-off in front of the produce buildings just before the road turns off of OH-7.

The wooded hillsides around the backwater and the brushy lower areas often hold woodland/brush birds.

If you take Newell Run Road back along the creek (a right turn just past the church when southbound, or a left turn just before the church northbound), there are opportunities to bird fields, woods, and rural yards. This area is particularly good in spring. Three to five miles back, the road will cover just about all the habitats. This is a blacktop road.
From Ohio Ornithological Society website

About Wayne National Forest
The Wayne National Forest is located in the hills of southeastern Ohio. This small national forest, in the heart of the heavily populated Midwest, covers almost a quarter million acres of Appalachian foothills. The Wayne is divided into three blocks administered by two Ranger Districts at Athens and Ironton. A field office is also located east of Marietta.

Visitors to national forest lands are welcome to camp, hike, hunt, and fish. The Forest boundaries surround a checkerboard pattern of ownership, with public and private ownership interspersed. There are over 300 miles of trails on the Forest for hiking, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) riding, mountain biking, or horseback riding.
From Wayne National Forest Division of Forestry website

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