Little Miami Scenic Trail–North of Old 3-C

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Warren County

Little Miami Scenic Trail–North of Old 3-C
Coordinates: 39.3218769, -84.252096
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About Little Miami Scenic Trail
Not only is the Little Miami Scenic Trail one of the most popular trails in Ohio, but it is the backbone for trail development in the Miami Valley.

Still one of the longer trails in the state, the Little Miami begins in Cincinnati, extends northeast through Xenia Station and on to Springfield, OH, a 75-mile span.

But the trail doesn’t stop there. The Little Miami then hands off the baton to the Simon Kenton Trail which runs north another 32 miles through Urbana and on to Bellefontaine. When the northernmost 16-miles of SKT are paved, the two trails will combine for an impressive 107-mile stretch of tarmac.

Currently, 59 miles of the Little Miami are used by the Ohio-to-Erie Trail as it makes its cross-state journey from Cincinnati to Columbus, and on toward its final destination in Cleveland, OH.

The Miami Valley is a picturesque, wooded area that often provides a secluded feel as you ride under the cover of trees and woods only to briefly emerge to pass through a small town now and again. Glimpses of the river catch your attention from time to time along with the sound of canoers in the river valley below during the summer months. Finding a canoe shouldn’t prove difficult. There are liveries and campgrounds right along the trail.

The bikeway passes through several small towns where there are trailside stops for ice cream, drinks, or a bite to eat. The city of Loveland has perhaps the most attractive “through town” trail section, with eateries, a trailside park, bike rentals and a nearby bike shop.

Yellow Springs has a restored depot (as does Xenia Station) along the trail which makes a convenient trailside water and restroom stop.
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Restrooms on site.