Caesar Creek Gorge

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Warren County

Caesar Creek Gorge
Coordinates: 39.4796291, -84.0821671
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Ohio Birding Day Hike

Caesar Creek Gorge Trail
The Caesar Creek Gorge Trail may be accessed on the west end from the Caesar Creek Gorge State Nature Preserve on Corwin Road or on the east end from Caesar Creek State Park. The hike is about 5 miles round trip from either direction, taking the loops on either end.

The Caesar Creek Gorge Trail is a segment of the Buckeye Trail.

With just 2.25 miles of trails, Caesar Creek is a fun place to walk through the woods and take in the scenic beauty along the creek. Offering a lower and upper loop, with minimal elevation gain, the trail is especially beautiful in the spring when the wildflowers are blooming.
From 6 Amazing Day Hikes on the Buckeye Trail

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About Caesar Creek Gorge
+ Limestone gorge with Ordovician fossils
+ Spring wildflowers
+ Parking lot
+ 2.25-mile trail system

The preserve’s prime feature is the gorge that was formed by great volumes of glacial meltwater cutting down through the bedrock to expose Ordovician limestone and shale rich in fossils. The steep walls rise to 180 feet above the river. More than two miles of Caesar Creek flow through the gorge to the Little Miami State and National Scenic River.

The stream and its banks support a wide variety of plant and animal life. Many of the aquatic insects and small fish found here, such as darters, indicate excellent water quality.

The preserve also contains diverse habitat ranging from successional fields to heavily wooded hillsides with beech, maple, hickory and oak. A luxuriant herbaceous flora covers the floodplain, and a variety of prairie species is found on the shallow soil of the cliffs and in old fields.

Adjacent to the preserve are 135 acres of Scenic River land, a river access site and the Corwin M. Nixon covered bridge.

This forested land, managed by the Division of Parks and Recreation, helps maintain bank stability, serves as an example of good floodplain land use and provides recreational access to the Little Miami State and National Scenic River.
From Caesar Creek Gorge State Nature Preserve webpage

About Caesar Creek State Park
The Caesar Creek State Park area sits astride the crest of the Cincinnati Arch, a convex tilting of bedrock layers caused by an ancient upheaval. Younger rocks lie both east and west of this crest where some of the oldest rocks in Ohio are exposed. The sedimentary limestones and shales tell of a sea hundreds of millions of years in our past which once covered the state. The park’s excellent fossil finds give testimony to the life of this long vanished body of water.

The forests of the area are comprised of over 65 species of plants. Several major communities thrive in the area. A northern flood plain forest is found in the valley, while mixed associations of oak-hickory and beech-maple woodlands clothe the ridges and hillsides. Red-tail hawk, white-tail deer, raccoon, red fox and box turtle make the park their home.
From Caesar Creek State Park website

There are numerous restrooms in Caesar Creek State Park, but most are closed during the cold months. The Visitor’s Center has flush toilets available when the Center is open.