Infirmary Road

Infirmary Road
McArthur, Ohio 45651

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Vinton County

Infirmary Rd.
Coordinates: 39.272675, -82.440733
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Photos by Alex Eberts

Tips for birding Infirmary Road
Infirmary Road is seldom-traveled, so traffic is not much of an issue. There is ample space to pull to the side and there are also 3-4 gravel pull-offs; just be sure not to block the gates. It is primarily good during migration and summer, pretty quiet in the winter.
From Alex Eberts

Vinton County’s Infirmary Road (Count Road 14) is about 3 miles northeast of MacArthur, between OH-93 and OH-677. It is a hauntingly beautiful stretch of lonely gravel road through grazing fields on a high sloping ridge of what appears to be former strip mine land. There is little traffic and pull offs at field gates where you can safely park and bird. Which I did recently when I learned from former OOS Board Member Alex Eberts that Short-eared Owls were present in late November.

I observed upwards of five Short-eared Owls hunting the pasture land and occasionally barking at one another. I always marvel at their beauty – shades of warm brown, tan, yellow, and white and their graceful, low flight pattern over the fields. Northern Harriers were also present with their similar butterfly-like flight style.

I was informed by a local birder that you might also find grassland species there in other seasons, including Horned Lark, Grasshopper Sparrow, Bobolink, and Dickcissel. Keep birding!
From Melissa Wales, Ohio Ornithological Society Southeast Regional Director

About Infirmary Road
Infirmary Road traverses privately owned lands. Please view birds from the roadside only.

No restroom facilities.