Marysville Upground Reservoir

Marysville, Ohio 43040

Also, see Union County Birding Drive

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Union County

Marysville Upground Reservoir
Coordinates: 40.2645542, -83.4002359
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About Marysville Upground Reservoir
The Marysville Upground Reservoir located on Raymond Road was constructed in 2008 and put into service in 2009. The reservoir has a capacity of 1.39 billion gallons of water. The city started using the water in the reservoir as a drinking water source in the fall of 2009. There is a 2.1-mile gravel path around the top of the reservoir that provides many people a source of exercise. All visitors shall abide by the guidelines posted for reservoir use. No recreational activity is permitted in the reservoir due to its use as a drinking water source for the public.
From City of Marysville webpage

No restroom facilities.