Jerome Outdoor Experience Center

8300 County Highway 2
Dublin, Ohio 43016

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Union County

Jerome Outdoor Experience Center
Coordinates: 40.1383507, -83.1781554
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About Jerome Outdoor Experience Center
The grounds of Jerome High School in Dublin feature a 10-acre wooded area called the Jerome Outdoor Experience Center (JOEC) in which a 750-meter path has been cleared in order to facilitate students’ studies. Members of the Systems of the Earth, Biology, and Advanced Placement Environmental Science classes all make use of the site.

One highlight of the site is a Garlic Mustard Eradication Study. Students follow scientific procedures to compare the effectiveness of physical and chemical removal of this invasive plant to a control plot. This year, the Advanced Placement Statistics class will be using the science students’ data to practice statistical analysis.

All of the projects and studies have served as a basis for various classroom lessons, a main component of the WILD School Sites program.
From news article about Jerome Outdoor Experience Center