Glacier Ridge Metro Park–Greenway Link to Avery Park

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Union County

Glacier Ridge Metro Park–Greenway Link to Avery Park
Coordinates: 40.1289668, -83.1738102
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Glacier Ridge Metro Park Trails

Tips for birding the Greenway Link to Avery Park
This section of the Greenway Link provides a walk along the North Fork of Indian Run. The easiest access to the Greenway Link is from Tullymore Drive between Caraway Avenue and Mill Springs Court, but it can also be reached from the western end of Westbury Drive and from the Greenway itself. Once on the trail, birding the area is as simple as following the path and checking the grassy areas and in the woodlot along Indian Run. The woodlot looks like it could be a good “migrant trap”.
From Bryan Sharp

About Glacier Ridge Metro Park
Glacier Ridge was named for the end moraine or glacial debris left behind when the glaciers retreated some 12,000 to 17,000 years ago. Much of the 1,037-acre park was once covered with farmland. Visitors can traverse a boardwalk through the Honda Wetlands Area or climb a 25-foot observation tower to see waterfowl and other animals.
From Glacier Ridge Metro Park webpage

Restrooms at locations identified on Glacier Ridge Metro Park map.