Trumbull County

All Hotspots in Trumbull County

Andy Dorick Park
Belmont Park Cemetery
Canoe City MetroPark
Clarence Darrow Park
Dunkerton Road
Elm Road Public Hunting Area
Foster MetroPark
Grand River Wildlife Area
Grand River Wildlife Area–Coffee Creek Wetlands
Grand River Wildlife Area–Dead Branch Wetlands
Grand River Wildlife Area–Hoffman Norton Road North
Grand River Wildlife Area–Hoffman Norton Road Trail and Boardwalk
Grand River Wildlife Area–Hyde Oakfield Road Area
Grand River Wildlife Area–Norton Lane Ponds
Grand River Wildlife Area–Parking and Wetland East of OH-534
Grand River Wildlife Area–Stroups Hickox Road Ponds
Grand River Wildlife Area–Tamarack Lake
Howland Township Park
Howland Township Park–Boardwalk Trail
Howland Township Park–Wetland Trail
Imagination Station Park
Kent State University Trumbull–Lake Anne
Mahoning River Pull Off, First Street @ Ticknor Avenue
Meander Reservoir
Meander Reservoir (Trumbull County)
Mosquito Creek–South of US-422
Mosquito Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–Chaffee Dodgeville Road
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–Durst-Colebrook Road
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–Gardner-Barclay Road
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–Hoagland-Blackstub Road
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–Mahan-Denman Boat Launch
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–Mallard Pond (view from Maham Denman Road only)
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–North Park Avenue, Townline Road
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–Penniman Road
Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area–Wood Duck Marsh
Mosquito Lake State Park
Mosquito Lake State Park–Beach
Mosquito Lake State Park–Bridle Trail Area
Mosquito Lake State Park–Campground
Mosquito Lake State Park–Harbor Breakwall
Mosquito Lake State Park–Turkey Run Trail
Mosquito Lake State Park–Turkey Run Trail, North End
Mosquito Lake State Park–Walnut Creek
Mosquito Lake–Causeway
Mosquito Lake–Hillside Cemetery and Boat Launch
Mosquito Lake–Lakeview Recreation Area
Mosquito Lake–Mosquito Creek Outflow
Mosquito Lake–North End
Mosquito Lake–OH-305 Boat Launch
Newton Falls Schools Woodlot and Marsh
Niles Greenway–Wetlands Area
Packard Park
Perkins Park
Prospect Street Riverview, Newton Falls
Sager Memorial Cemetery
Shenango Wildlife Area
Shenango Wildlife Area–Milligan Road
Shenango Wildlife Area–OH-87 Parking Lot and Trail
Shenango Wildlife Area–OH-88 Access
Thomas A. Swift MetroPark
Warren Wildlife Area
Western Reserve Greenway Trail
Western Reserve Greenway Trail–OH-305 to Airport Road
Western Reserve Greenway Trail–OH-305 to Champion Avenue
Western Reserve Greenway Trail–Sunside Trailhead
Western Reserve Greenway Trail–Wetland South of Dunkerton Road
Yankee Run Golf Course

stakeout Western Meadowlark, Williamsfield Kingsman Rd. (2015)

The eBird checklist reviewers for Trumbull County are David Hochadel and Ethan Kistler.